In The Past 7 Days – 5 Hong Kong Bands Feat. Ethnic Minorities Dropped New Music

Hong Kong is a very complicated city – as the last two years of social/political turmoil can attest. However, it is the culmination of hundreds of years of history and all the millions of people who inhabit the city and call this place home, that make Hong Kong what it is. Sure, according to the most recent census, Hong Kong is still roughly 96% Chinese with the remaining 4% being everyone else. A big majority of that “everyone else” is us ethnic minorities – non-Chinese citizens born and raised in Hong Kong and for whom Hong Kong is 100% home. Though our ethnicities may be Filipino, Pakistani, Indian, Nepali, and though we may speak several languages, and though Cantonese may be the worst of the languages we speak, this is home.

This past week about 5 Hong Kong bands featuring ethnic minorities have simultaneously released music. We don’t know if this was strategic (all of the bands DO know each other well hahahahaha…) but the coincidence is amazing AND thus, we’re STOKED for them.

It is a weird situation though that even though we’re born and raised here, many of us are continued to be considered as “outsiders”, even within the world of “local” music.

Nonetheless – we exist – and we’re amazing.

Go check some of these bands and support them!


Hybrid Stereo 


Restate the Moira

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