Alt Rock Band Restate The Moira Continue To Stay Fresh – New Single Out Now [Hong Kong]

It’s always a beautiful thing when bands don’t rest on their laurels, but continue to release music and stay engaged and RELEVANT with the current world of music. Hong Kong alt-rock band Restate the Moira is one of those bands who just always keep moving forward. Respect.

The band has just released their brand new single ‘#MosaicReflections’ and were kind enough to send in a write-up:

“Our newest single “#MosaicReflections” is based on how the majority oftentimes lets what they see on social media dictate reality and how mentally unhealthy it could be; especially with unrealistic beauty standards and portraying a “perfect” life in order for society to accept. We like to watch each other’s lives on screen but it doesn’t always reflect reality. Being on social media is like going to a masquerade party. The song name was inspired by the fact that screens are made up of pixels which are like the mosaic art style.”

“After our first EP (Incarnation) came out, we went through some changes in the band as we had a new guitarist (Roven) and our vocalist (Miki) decided to start learning screaming last year with Toronto-based metal vocalist Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial and CrazyEightyEight. As we were jamming, our bassist (Arthur) came up with a catchy bassline on the spot and the rest of us built on top of his idea and it became our song “#MosaicReflections”. This is the first song we’ve created with Roven, and also the first song where Miki can be heard screaming. We’re definitely experimenting and trying to evolve our style without straying too far from our original style.”

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