Vocalist of Dagger/Parallel Horizons [Hong Kong] Releases Second Solo Track

Naseem is the vocalist of Hong Kong bands Dagger and Parallel Horizons and has recently released his second track from his solo project Scriptvre. The track is entitled INFJ (feat. LALALIN).

According to Naseem, “INFJ started as a short Instagram song I posted 2 years ago, Lala hit me up about making something together and that’s what we did. I wrote all the instrument parts and sent it to Lala and to my buddy Shaun Apellido who worked on the drums. She came up with these vocals that completely blew me and everyone who listened to it away.

I work on a lot of songs in the studio, and you know it’s a special one when everyone just comes over and asks you who this is or what band this is.

Originally I sent the song to a producer friend to be mixed and mastered, but the pandemic hit his business hard, the studio was forced to shut down indefinitely and he wasn’t able to deliver. I resorted to mixing and mastering it myself and I am quite happy with how it turned out, it captures the exact vibe I intended for the song.”

The featured vocalist, Lala, added the following about the lyrics:

“To me, fireflies are mysterious creatures that pop out of nowhere, and you don’t easily recognize them until it gets dark. So I wrote this as a tribute to people who put themselves out there, making changes for the better in various ways. They’re everywhere. Putting in time and effort, taking actions with an understanding that whatever they choose to do is not necessarily going to be appreciated, but they will still show up in the darkest times and be the light for one another.”

Scriptvre will be releasing his third track in the near future featuring vocalist of Hong Kong alt-rock band Seasons For Change.


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