Korean emotional hardcore band Animal Anthem release full length (DOPE!)

animal anthem

Korean emotional hardcore band Animal Anthem have finally released their full length album entitled Bones. Man – this record is SOOOOOOO good…before you press play make sure your entire being is ready for something that’s going to move you. This isn’t hardcore that’s going to make you want to pummel some motherfucker in the face, this shit is all about making you feel something from deeper within. The record contains 13 tracks of goodness for your heart and soul. Bands that come to mind immediately are Modern Life is War, More Than Life, the last Have Heart record…along those lines.

Again…it’s records like this, bands like this that UniteAsia.org exists. Bands like this need to be spread all over the world so people know what’s up…

Check them out – remember this name!

“Animal Anthem is a Korean post-hardcore band, formed in Seoul in 2011 including members from USA, Poland and Korea. Before releasing their debut album BONES’ they have been playing live shows in Seoul and other Korean cities. These days Animal Anthem is working on new material and preparing to tour.”


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