INTERVIEW: Tokyo Hardcore Band BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT Talk To Us About New Music

PREMIERE | Blow Your Brains Out
Quality Control Records
Photo Credit: Takumagg

Means a lot when a whole bunch of things come together in a magical manner that helps validate the whole reason this platform was created. A few years back a brand new Tokyo-based hardcore, Blow Your Brains Out, exploded onto the scene with an insane demo full of straight bangers. We couldn’t stop listening to it back then…

Fast forward to 2023 and we got hit up by none other than UK-based label Quality Control Records, home of some hard-hitting hardcore punk, who signed on to release Blow Your Brains Out debut full length. Today together with the help of Ola and Tats/Kai of the band, we get to premiere a track off the upcoming album ‘The Big Escape’. Not only that, but the band were even kind enough to answer a few questions.

It’s not often that we get to get a little political with our questions – but Blow Your Brains Out were more than happy to answer. The band even ended one of their answers with 香港加油. Way to go to make a grown-ass man cry fellas!

Go enjoy the tunes and get stoked to hear the full album when it finally drops on March 24th – in just a few days!

1. おい、みんな!新しい曲『The Big Escape』がめちゃくちゃ良い!ボーカルの歌い方が熱いし、曲の中盤には面白いダイブボムの下に病み付きになるような2ステップのパートがある。この曲は何についての歌詞なの?Yo fellas! The new track ‘BYBO’ is so sick! The vocal delivery is fire, and the song has that sick two-step part under some fun dive bombs in the middle. What’s the song about?

Kai: ありがとう!LP ’The Big Escape ‘ の2曲目の’B.Y.B.O.’ は2019年の’Blackout Demo’からの再録ですね。この曲の歌詞は「ヘイトの煽動には抵抗する」という意志表明です。もしキツい差別をされたら俺ならマジでブチキレるくらい怒ると思うんで、その怒りを’Blow Your Brains Out!!’という言葉で表現しました。実際に銃を使うとかではなくリリックとして誇張された表現だから安心して!Thank you! The second track “B.Y.B.O.” on the LP “The Big Escape” is a re-recording from our 2019 “Blackout Demo.” The lyrics of this song express our determination to resist any incitement of hate. If I were subjected to severe discrimination, I would seriously lose it. So, I expressed that anger with the words ‘Blow Your Brains Out’ in the lyrics. Don’t worry, it’s just an exaggerated expression, not about actually using a gun.

2.『Reveal Your Rotten Minds』は何のことを歌ってる?以前IGでやりとりした時日本のおかしな政治についても歌っていると言っていたね。香港でも同じようにおかしな政治があるから、これについてもっと教えてくれる?I know when I talked to you about your previous single ‘Reveal Your Rotten Minds’ on IG that you said the song was about the fucked up politics in Japan. We have some fucked up politics here in Hong Kong too. Can you tell us more about this?

Kai : そう、たしかに日本の政治やシステムへの不満についても当てはまりますね。でも日本に限らず腐った権力者による政治や暴力に苦しめられている人がいるし、アジア以外にもロシアなど世界中にいるので、それらへの批判も含めてます。Yes, it certainly applies to dissatisfaction with Japan’s political system as well. However, there are people suffering from politics and violence by corrupt people in power all over the world, including Russia, so the lyrics include criticism of them as well.

もし香港の方がこの歌詞を読んで、香港の民主化運動を弾圧する強権や、それに抵抗する市民を思い浮かべてくれたなら、それは正しい解釈だと思います。理解してくれてありがとう。If people from Hong Kong read these lyrics and think of the authoritarian forces that suppress the democratic movement in Hong Kong or the citizens who resist them, I think that’s a correct interpretation. Thank you for understanding.

“もし香港の方がこの歌詞を読んで、香港の民主化運動を弾圧する強権や、それに抵抗する市民を思い浮かべてくれたなら、それは正しい解釈だと思います。理解してくれてありがとう。If people from Hong Kong read these lyrics and think of the authoritarian forces that suppress the democratic movement in Hong Kong or the citizens who resist them, I think that’s a correct interpretation. Thank you for understanding.”


例えばカルト宗教、ドメスティックバイオレンス、劣悪な環境で労働させる企業とかも含めて解釈できるような歌詞で書かれてます。However, these lyrics are not only about politics. They target all corrupt minds that seek to restrict individual freedom.
For example, cult religions, domestic violence, and companies that force people to work in poor environments are all targets of the lyrics.


「俺は奴らの嘘と狂気を見抜き 後付けの詭弁や脅しに屈せず、絞り出した覚悟と共に行動する(英訳)」って歌ってます。


いい質問をありがとう。香港加油!In the middle of this song, there’s a part where only the vocals remain, and I sing, “I see through their lies and madness and act with the determination I have squeezed out, without succumbing to after-the-fact sophistry or threats.” I like this sentence, and I think my attitude toward writing the lyrics for B.Y.B.O. is summarized in this. Thank you for the great question. Hong Kong, stay strong.

3. BYBOは2019年のデビュー・デモから一気に爆発的に人気が出たね!バンドがどのように結成されたか、最初に影響を受けた主な要素は何だったか、それともその後変化したのか、Rival MobとNYHCの要素が混ざったような感じがするよ!BYBO basically exploded right from your debut demo in 2019! Can you tell us how the band came together? What were your main influences when you started the band? Are the influences still the same – or have they changed since then? The band seems to have some Rival Mob mixed with NYHC elements!

Tats: まず初めに僕たちはまだ全然人気はないよ。インスタのフォロワー数見てみて。最初はBassのYusukedgeが僕に声をかけてくれたところから始まった。確か2019の春の花見の後に原宿のカフェで「このバンドいいね」とか「あのリリースのあの曲は最高だよな」とか話してて、そこで本気なのかジョークなのかわからないノリでバンドやろうって話から始まった。Before answering your question, we’re still not popular at all, look at the number of our Instagram followers haha!

BYBO all started when Yusukedge, the bassist, approached me. I remember we were at a cafe in Harajuku after a hanami party in the spring of 2019, talking about “how this band is good” and “that song is the best”, and we started forming a band, not sure if we were serious or not. Then, members with similar musical tastes started gathering naturally, and since I had free time, I quickly made one song. That became the first track of our demo, “B.Y.B.O.” It has a lot of memories attached to it, and we still play it and love the audience’s reaction.

そこから好きな音楽が似てそうなメンバーが自然と集まって、僕が暇を持て余していたからすぐに一曲作った。それがデモの一曲目のB.Y.B.O.だね。今回のアルバムだと2曲目に再録している。とても思い入れがあるしライブでも反応が良くて気に入っている。Our influences basically haven’t changed since we started. Our members’ backgrounds are mainly old-school hardcore, SxE, and 80s-90s punk, so I think our songs end up sounding like a mix of all of those flavors. But it doesn’t really fit into any one style, for better or worse. I’d say it’s more like a sound through the cracks. I really like bands like DYNAMO, DMIZE, and CONFUSION, because they don’t really have the typical NYHC sound in my opinion but I think they have a unique sound even within the NYHC scene at that time.

Influenceは基本的には変わってないかな。メンバーのバックグラウンドとしてOld schoolを中心にHardocore, SxE, Punkがあるから、結果的にそのどれにも聞こえるような曲になってると思う。でもそれはよくも悪くもどれにも当てはまらないってことになるんだけど、隙間のサウンドって言いたいね。Dynamo, Dmize, Confusionなど、彼らはNYHCど真ん中のサウンドという感じではないけど、僕はそういったバンドがとても好き。

しかしRival MobとNYHCが混ざったようなバンドっていうのは理想的なバンドだね。By the way, a band that mixes RIVAL MOB with NYHC would be an ideal band. Rival Mob is without a doubt one of the best bands of the 2010s, and we all love NYHC.

Rival Mobは2010年代のバンドの中で間違いなくOne of the bestなバンドだと思うし、NYHCをはじめメンバーみんな共通して好きだからね。

4. 次のアルバム『The Big Escape』では、どのようなテーマが取り上げられているのか?On your upcoming album ‘The Big Escape’, what are some of the main themes in terms of topics?

Kai : 『The Big Escape』のテーマとしては、いくつかあります。



ほとんどの曲で、タイトルの言葉を曲中でシンガロングできるように作ってるんです。日本語を話さない国の人でも、BYBOのハードコアで熱くなってくれたら嬉しいね!There are several themes for ‘The Big Escape’. The first is to emphasize a choice of words that match the riffs, with a focus on flow and rhyme. The lyrics are all written in Japanese, a language with a unique accent, but we gave them English titles. In most of our songs, we try to make the song title the actual singalong part of the song, so that even people who don’t speak Japanese can get hyped up.

二つ目は、The Big Escape に込められた意味を説明したい。

『Reveal Your Rotten Minds』についても答えたようなテーマはアルバム全体に共通しています。



でも生活の中ですべて実行するのは難しいから、せめてハードコアパンクの歌詞としては強い言葉で意志表明をしました。The second theme is to explain the meaning behind ‘The Big Escape’. The album as a whole share the same theme as we talked about for ‘Reveal Your Rotten Minds’. We understand that structural issues in society and politics cannot be easily solved, but it’s okay to voice dissatisfaction and anger, and sometimes resist. We’re saying that it’s okay to run away to survive, but it’s difficult to put this into practice in everyday life, so we used strong words in the hardcore punk lyrics to declare our will.

深い質問をしてくれてありがとう。Thank you for asking such a deep question. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!