Taiwanese Punk Band BB Bomb Share Their Love and Appreciation For Otoboke Beaver

Japanese punk band Otoboke Beaver are about to demolish Taiwan on March 31st with both Taiwanese punk bands Balazwolf and BB Bomb opening the festivities. The info for the show can be found in the flyer further below.

Vocalist/guitarist of BB Bomb, Hsu Pei, was kind enough to talk about her love/admiration of Otoboke Beaver.

“Back when we, BB Bomb, released our debut self-titled album Otoboke Beaver’s record label Damnably (based in the UK) was interested in wanting to release the record on vinyl and even putting on some shows for us.

Because we were a new band at the time I just thought it was weird that someone would want to do so much for us. So you know what I did? I actually refused their offer. I have always loved Otoboke Beaver and follow all their news. One day I found out that they were performing basically all over the world including at big festivals. I went to the Damnably website and realized that they had signed to the label! What a coincidence!

Fast forward to a few years later, Damnably approached us to see if we could help contact some Taiwanese festivals to add Otoboke Beaver. At the time we weren’t being invited to the more well-known Taiwanese festivals and the only contacts I had were for the more underground/indie festival circuit. That circuit doesn’t have much money so I didn’t know how to help the band and the label. So one day, I was really drunk, and I asked Balaz Lee about it. Surprisingly, he said he was interested in using his life savings to do something meaningful with his life. So he invited Otoboke Beaver together with JDBG! So on March 31st, it’ll be Otoboke Beaver’s first show in Taiwan since maybe 2012! Thanks to these guys!

I just want to add that every band that I’ve ever loved, as soon as I start listening to them, they always break up. Hahahaha…There was a band called Softball that had a huge influence on us, but they disbanded as I started listening to them. Then those members started another band Akiakane who heard our demo and invited us out to Japan to play some shows together.

I’ve been so in love with Otoboke Beaver and I’m actually surprised that after I started liking them they didn’t break up! Hahahaha…”

Go support the Otoboke Beaver with Balazwolf and BB Bomb supporting! Should be a GREAT night of punk rock!

Tickets are available HERE.


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