Hardcore Act WRECKONIZE Give Us Track By Track Breakdown of New EP [Singapore]

Hell yeah.

The boys in Singaporean hardcore band WRECKONIZE have just dropped their debut EP ‘Tried & True’ and were kind enough to give us a track-by-track breakdown of the madness found in this collection of tracks:

Tried and True
The title track, Tried & True, ironically the last song written for the EP was supposed to be an instrumental intro but we added lyrics at the last minute. It’s meant to be a middle finger to the fakes, the dropouts and the ones always with something to say.

Endgame talks about the endless violence and suffering happening around the world, the chaotic nature of humans and how we all die in the end, not without causing death and destruction along the way.Originally written for Losing End but Farza felt like it didn’t fit well in their EP, so we changed up some parts to fit it in this one instead.

Feel the Pain
Feel The Pain is about feeling burdened and dissatisfied with your current circumstances. Yearning for change and finding ways to break free of the current situation, while searching for a more meaningful existence.

The Downfall
The Downfall is about the human experience. We are our own worst enemy, the things we say and do will eventually lead to our downfall. It’s in our self-destructive nature and it’s a struggle that all of us experience, only the real ones recognize.

No Love
No Love is pretty much self-explanatory hahahaha but yeah, when you despise that one person so much that you already consider them dead.

As for the recording process, “All of the songs were basically written over a weekend when all of us got Covid and recorded 2 months later after weeks of fine-tuning and reworking the songs in the studio. We’ve been playing the songs live for quite a bit, and we’re glad that it’s finally out for everyone to hear.”

STOKED. Check out the band ripping it up live further below.


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