THIS. IS. SO. HARD. Australian Hardcore Band Speed Drop Video of The Year [Australia]

How’s living with a fucked up truth?
Read the world through my eyes
We’re nothing like u

We don’t even know where to begin with this…everything about this song and video just screams HARD. The song is so heavy and the way the Sydney hardcore scene represents in this video makes the whole thing even harder. Man, you can’t say you’re in a hardcore band if you don’t have a scene behind you that is there for you every step of the way. Sure there are always missteps, but a scene keeps moving forward and progressing and having each other’s backs through thick and thin. While watching this video by Sydney hardcore band – Speed – for like the hundredth time, those are just SOME of the emotions that come to our minds.

How about the fact that in this hardcore band, the majority of the members are of Asian descent. HOLY FUCK. When you think of hardcore bands in the “West” (For some reason Australia constitutes the “west” even though they’re on our side of the planet!), typically what we see is white, white, white, white, and look, more white people in bands, on stage, in the audience. Sure, there has been a slowly growing group of bands of POC members which is SOOOOO great to see, but the fact is it is still is a majority white-people-genre in the west. That’s why out here in Asia it’s so sick to put up posts about our hardcore scene and all you see are Asian people in bands, on stage, behind the scenes, documenting the music, running collectives, doing charitable work, and of course in the audience 🙂 More of us means more representation which means more people like us can envision themselves being in these positions – and that door will always be open. So to see a band from Australia rip it UP and the entire video is of people that look like us? You don’t even know how empowering that feels…

And yo. When you get down to brass tacks – the song RIPS. Plain and simple. Like. What. The. Fuck.

The song is off the upcoming This Is Australia compilation being released by Last Ride Records that features 9 bands delivering what’s going to be insanely memorable tracks – especially just going off this release by Speed. The label clearly is going all out – just look at how beautiful the artwork is:

Vinyl pre-orders are up HERE.

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