First Ever Unite Asia Spotify Playlist Up Now

We’ve been asked for this repeatedly for a long LONG time – so we thought let’s just get it started and see what y’all think.

Here’s the inaugural Unite Asia Spotify Playlist – we started with focusing only on Asian hardcore punk bands so that’s what you got here. 20 hardcore bands from around Asia – youth crew to metallic hardcore to crossover thrash to hardcore punk, we got you. Like many of you, Spotify is definitely not our preferred music platform – it would be Bandcamp. But Bandcamp doesn’t have a playlist function yet…sucks. Once that happens – we’ll definitely be putting one up on there cause different scenes around Asia to prefer different platforms more. For example, the Philippines and Nepali hardcore scene are predominately on Bandcamp. So…

Anyway, for the NEXT one, please leave comments on what bands you want us to put on future playlists! If we’re doing this shit wrong – let us know!

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