Amazing Melodic Hardcore Band What A Beautiful Day Launch Full Album Stream [China]

The two full album streams that we’ve put up today – The Spirals [Philippines] and now this What A Beautiful Day [China] are all records we stand by 150%. Go blast these records now and be proud of the quality of music that keeps coming out of Asia…and how the quality of bands, music, releases just keeps getting significantly better year after year after year!

As we’ve mentioned before, What A Beautiful Day is a Shenzhen (China) based hardcore band that holds a very special place in our hearts. One of the main reasons is because their approach to hardcore goes against the general mainstream direction of hardcore in China which tends to be either more on the punk rock side or on the Madball/Terror side. What our crew in Shenzhen have done is turn all that on their heads by releasing something significantly more introspective, coupling it with emotional sonic layers, ALONG with all that, the band packages this amazing catalog of music with Cantonese spoken word.

The band is even more amazing live…one of the bands from China that we highly encourage you all to start inviting to play outside of the country!

The full length is being released on physical format (CD) by Real Deal Records out of Beijing.

Real Deal Records owner Li You has this to say about the release and the band:

“We’ve known What A Beautiful Day for a very long time, because the members have never missed traveling to be a part of our annual CNHC Festival, and have always supported the scene. We were so excited to know that they started a new band, What a Beautiful Day, and wanted to do something for them from day one.

I’ll always remember seeing them play at CNHC Festival (Wu Han) in 2017, the music sounded totally different from what the other hardcore bands in China play, not that heavy or NYHC style, I was deeply impacted by their focus on melody and lyrics (sung in Cantonese – as I’m a Mandarin speaker I always appreciate that the vocalist Fang Man will take the time to explain the meaning of the songs before they play, he is a very kind dude, haha).

We decided to release this album via Real Deal Records right from when we knew they were working on it.

It is our honor to work with them, not only to support their music, but also because of their work attitude. RESPECT. Great band, great people!”

To order the CD contact either the band or the label below: is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!