Alt Rock Act Andy Is Typing Release Debut EP ‘3:1’ [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong alt-rock band Andy is Typing has released their debut EP entitled ‘3:1’. The EP consists of 6 songs including 3:1 II, Don’t Believe,  Karma, Electronegativity, Lost Pearl and Take A Break (Shelf-Index Remix).

Electronic rock song ‘3:1 II’ is the title track of the album. Differs from Andy is Typing’s usual “4-piece band” style, this track kicks off with an ear-catching electronic lead, and incorporates a new trap beat that goes along the rap verse. The song builds up to a heavy rock style chorus to rock the listeners. 3:1 II is definitely incorporating new elements that the band has not experimented with before, hoping to create a more contemporary experience for the audience. This song also signifies that Andy is Typing is evolving into something different yet better.

‘Don’t Believe’ was released in 2019 as a single. Apart from being the first song from Andy is Typing that has both Cantonese and English versions, it also featured the renowned local rock band – KOLOR. Don’t Believe is an outcry towards the injustices in the community, and on the other hand, reminds the audience not to put faith in anything too easily.

‘Karma’ is the more “emo” and “soul-stirring” song as compared to other songs in the EP. Highlighting the beauty of simplicity, the song starts off with a minimal arrangement encompassing piano and vocals only and gradually brings the audience to the climactic chorus as soon as the drum enters. “It is on the way and it is coming for you…” lyrics of the song remind the audience that karma treats each and everyone fair and square and that we should always hold ourselves accountable for our own actions in life.

In contrast to some of the other songs in the EP which give off an energetic and rock vibe, ‘Electronegativity’ is a mellow and sentimental piece of ballad. “Don’t blame gravity, when you always fall in love so easily,” the unique lyricism of this song draws an analogy between romantic relationships and chemical reactions. The song is as well embellished with an emotional guitar solo outro.

‘Lost Pearl’ tells a regretful story of how our beloved city that is home to the band, Hong Kong, will probably never be able to shine so brightly and beautiful as the “oriental pearl”, like how she used to be in the past. Lost Pearl adapts a power ballad style of arrangement, striking a balance between the flowing verses and the impactful choruses, symbolizing the firm and assuring attitude that emerges even in hopelessness.

The EP also includes a remix version of the band’s released single “Take A Break”.  The remix version is hugely distinct from the original with the new electronic elements added by local DJ Shelf-Index. The chemistry between Shelf-Index and Andy is Typing clearly sparked a new flame for the song and a pleasant surprise to the audience. With the brand new version of Take A Break, it is expected that Andy is Typing will explore more electronic music and bring forth different styles of music in the future. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!