2 Asian Releases Y’all NEED: Emo Band Eleventwelfth / Hardcore Band Blow Your Brains Out

Yesterday was a one-two punch of Asian goodness. Both bands come from basically the capitals of all that’s good about Asian hardcore/punk/emo – that is, of course, Japan and Indonesia.

From Indonesia, emo band eleventwelfth have finally released their DEBUT album which has been 6 years in the making. SIX YEARS!!! The band states, “This record takes you further to your most profound thought as it leads you to contemplate your perseverance in this short lifespan, with choruses and verses as their primary instrument. knowing that our time on earth will cease to exist and never repeats, we try to summarize this feeling in our songs as a brief reminder to cherish what we have now and to appreciate all the relationship that we hold dear which has brought us to where we are today until our time runs out. this theme itself has become more prominent in our debut album, ‘SIMILAR’.

Hailing from Japan we’ve been writing about hardcore band Blow Your Brains Out since they surfaced back in 2019. We just conducted an interview with the band that you can read HERE, and then a few days later No Echo did an even more extensive interview with the band which you can read HERE. Today though, you get to finally check out the band’s debut album ‘The Big Escape’. The band states, “The album talks about cult religions, political corruption, domestic violence, and companies that force people to work in poor conditions, as well as the suppression of citizens who resist authoritarian forces.”

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