Pop Punkers An Honest Mistake Release New Single Feat. Vocalist of Trophy Knives [Malaysia]

2022 saw the release of a couple of bangers by Malaysian pop punkers, An Honest Mistake with singles like Too Good To Be True’ featuring Akademi Fantasia contestant, RESHMA and ‘Bad Dream’ which featured lead singer, Amir Shazrin aka Ayeen of post-hardcore heavyweight, Patriots as well as guitar virtuoso, Jack of Bright Minder.

Continuing in the vein of features, An Honest Mistake’s brand new single, ‘goodbye, goodnight’ features punk rocker, Vinesh Muniandy of Trophy Knives. The single not only features scream and shout by Vinesh but a lot more guitar-driven monstrosity. The song starts off with a filtered 80s drum machine loop laced with a pentatonic guitar lick and then jumps into the hook with a barrage of screams. The bridge features a guitar and bass dueling solo, which the band was ambitious about.

According to the lead singer of An Honest Mistake, Darren, says, “We wanted to be a little bit more ambitious with this track. We’ve all been listening to a lot of Polyphia and wanted to give it a go. We’re nowhere near what those guys are able to do but at least some kind of resemblance is good enough for us. The whole song is centered around that main guitar lick and the guitar solo came naturally when we were writing the song. Plus the song has got a bit more aggressive drumming too which we wanted to explore too. All in all, we just wanted to showcase a little bit more of our skills. Getting Vinesh on board to scream was a no-brainer. I’ve always admired what he could do even from way back with his first band, Wired Nerves. There’s just something about the rawness and honesty in his screams that really got me drawn to it. I knew at some point, I had to get him on a track and I instantly knew that we had to get him on. In the studio, he nailed it in 1 or 2 takes and added a bit of flare to the 2nd verse too. It was spot on.”

Lyrically, the lead singer explains that it started with the line, ‘got one foot out of the door’, then it just snowballed from there onwards. “I’ve been exploring darker themes since the release of IDGAD in 2020. Songs about leaving, betrayal, distrust and trying to get out of tough relationships. I just wanted to be more real with the listeners. I’ve grown since the whole ‘Let’s run away and be happy’ days. I just can’t see myself relating to that anymore. Anyway, with this new track, I had the opportunity to work with Nadhira aka NADDI, a close friend who is a brilliant singer and artist who got things into motion lyrically and melody. In the past, I’d write on my own but collaboration is great. It was about a 1-hour session I suppose and we riffed off of each other and wrote a chunk of the verse and I went on to continue the 2nd verse and the chorus. The main intent of the song is really quite a powerful and empowering one. In a nutshell, it’s this; I’m done with you. Get out of my life. I’m leaving. So, bye. I just want the listener to build up the courage and strength to walk out and stand up for themselves. Walking out of a bad relationship isn’t a bad thing. Situationships especially. Those are the toughest to get out of and especially if it’s seemingly going well.”

The band performed the new single live for the first time at Penang’s biggest rock music festival, Northern Music Festival 2023 on 18th March 2023 at Auto City, Juru. Although not together, perhaps when An Honest Mistake performs at City Roars Festival in KL on 29th April 2023, they would be able to showcase it in its full form with Vinesh.

An Honest Mistake plans to release an album at some point this year and hopes to do a nationwide tour by the end of 2023. The band has kicked off to a good start by playing 2 festivals this year. The future is looking very bright for the boys of An Honest Mistake.


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