Typecast | Valley of Chrome Los Angeles Show Report – Words And Photos By Joe Calixto

Typecast | Valley Of Chrome
Words and Photos by Joe Calixto

It’s so crazy to think that the last time Typecast played here was in 2012. That was the first time the boys from Laguna made their way across the Pacific to play in the United States. My band at that time Wolves (http://wolbz.bandcamp.com) ended up playing 2 of their tour dates and I personally went to 4 of their shows. Prior to this, the last time I saw them was in 2004 in Cebu.

Fast forward to 2019.

The times and the world has changed drastically in 7 years. Both the Philippines and the US have shitty presidents, weed is legal now in the states, while you get killed back home for even thinking about weed, my all time favorite band, Hopesfall, put out a new record, and Typecast came back across that large ocean to play again in America. This time it was with another heavy hitter, Valley of Chrome.

Unlike 7 years ago, the tour had very few dates, so I could only make time to catch their Los Angeles show. Well, I did get to spend time with the boys, ate lots of food and took them record shopping and to other touristy shit on their down time.

(But we’re here to talk music, man!)

The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip was the venue for their LA stop. Although it isn’t known for throwing a lot of hardcore and punk gigs these days, it has been known through time to be the stomping grounds for rock n’ roll’s biggest and brightest stars. The first time I went there, I randomly bumped into goddamn Lemmy from Motorhead. That was pretty sick!

It was a matinee show, on a Sunday, which was also father’s day. The show had 3 openers that set the mood for the rest of the show perfectly. From emo to punk to metal. The openers had it covered.

First of the 2 traveling bands was, Valley of Chrome. I’ve always listened to the band since I was in the Philippines and obviously if you write such an anthemic song like Forever Young it’s hard not to keep up with the band’s music. I’ve never seen them live until they played here in LA and they didn’t disappoint. Although shortened coz of time, their setlist featured some of the heaviest the band has to offer and finally succumbed to the audience’s chants of Forever Young at the end. When the kick drum intro of that song came in, I gave my camera to my friend and literally came out of mosh retirement.

Shortly after them, Typecast gave the early showers of Los Angeles a quick lesson in feeling extremely emotional. Playing songs like ‘The Boston Drama’, ‘Perfect Posture’, an incredible rendition of Rivermaya’s ‘Himala’ and closing their set with ‘Will You Ever Learn’. It was a roller coaster of heavy feels for sure! Since 2004 until now, this band never seizes to amaze me. I guess they’re just like wine, they get better with age.

On a more personal note, I’m always happy to see friends from back home make their way to Los Angeles to show a rocking good time. Even if this city has like 5 million shows a day, nothing beats seeing some kick ass bands from the motherland.

Huge thanks to Joe for taking the time to send us this write up! Check out the rest of his amazing photos at this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shutterhappyjose/albums/72157709125372117

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