For Two Weeks Straight A Worldwide Community Has Formed On Our FB Page

For two weeks straight we’ve been putting up daily conversation starters on our Facebook page. The reason why we’ve been doing it on our Facebook page, as opposed to our IG or TW pages, is because that’s where our biggest audience is. We have over 31,000 followers on the page and they reside all over the planet, and because they’re super passionate – they’re very active on the page which makes it a LOT of fun hearing their thoughts.

It all started one day with a LEGIT question that we’ve always wanted to know about because since we’re on the older side of music fanship, to us, certain vocabulary has a different definition compared to what the particular vocabulary word may have morphed into.

This was the very first conversation starter:

The post exploded with almost 200 responses! People addressing the question with their own background and DEEP knowledge about this type of music, how it began, what eras it went through, what were their favorite bands within this genre and in those different eras, and we got to where we are now.


It was awesome…

So we’ve been having a lot of fun with it and clearly learning so much in the process. What’s been SUPER cool is to see how positive and supportive people have been in the comments section. Not only that but as mentioned above, how KNOWLEDGEAGBLE our readers are! We are constantly taking notes on new information that we are only JUST learning about. Had no idea!

Anyway…we’re just here to tell you that if you’re not on our FB page, you’re missing out. Our most recent conversation has over 300 suggestions of killer bands from all over Asia that people really WISHED more people knew about.

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