Thanks To Our Readers – We Only Just Found Out About Punk Band Go Lim – WOW! [Vietnam]

As mentioned before, we’ve been putting up daily conversation starters on our FB page and thousands of loyal readers from all over the world have been sharing their thoughts and bands we should check out.

One person, Nguyễn Khương Duy, from Vietnam was kind enough to share a feminist punk band heavily influenced by the angst and aura of the Riot Grrl movement called Go Lim. As SOON as we pressed play on it we quickly ran back to the post to ask more about the band especially, WHY HAS NO ONE SHARED THIS AWESOME BAND WITH US BEFORE???? He was kind enough to inform us that in fact, the vocalist of the band, Nga Nhi, passed away back in 2012 and the band ended then. The band did in fact release a bunch of videos, tons of live videos, and an incredibly awesome full-length ‘Gai Liang’ streaming below. There was also a wonderful article on the band written HERE which you should all check out. 

“There is no restriction in terms of what topic goes into our songs, we talk about what we’ve seen and want to express: from school kids having to stay in line to girls doing their hair, even a cat, our favorite pet, being hungry, gets a song. Our music is open-minded, easy-going, oftentimes very grungy because we play what we like to play. We believe in the freedom of individual’s expression.”

Check out this video interview with the band: “Gỗ Lim was a Hanoi punk rock band that gave the city’s alternative music lovers what they didn’t even know they were missing. They were influenced by indie music from around the world, homegrown experimental sounds, and had been hanging around with artists; but really they just packed a lot of homegrown attitudes and rocked. They made away with all the clichés about Asian women. And they showed up their popular male counterparts, by bringing – tongue firmly in cheek – originality that no one else mustered. Gỗ Lim was punk at its best. They wrote their own lyrics and stayed away from angsty, downright depressing themes, and simply turned to everyday Hanoi for inspiration. Throughout the better part of 2012 they were the band to mosh to. Gỗ Lim was an anomaly in the music landscape of Vietnam and no band has managed to fill the gap they left when their frontwoman Nga Nhi passed away in October 2012 and the band broke up as a result.”

Bands like Go Lim is why Unite Asia exists. So we can document the magic of bands within our scenes so that they are not forgotten or left unknown.

[UPDATE: The guitarist of Go Lim is currently playing bass in Vietnamese metalcore band Windrunner.] is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!