Terrible People Release Sophomore Album Of Youthful Stupor – But Don’t Do What We Did

First of all, if you’re going to search for something about this band on youtube, don’t do what we did and just type “terrible people” in the search bar:

Terrible People is actually not a bunch of these lowlifes, but a phenomenal emo band from Singapore who in their time as a band have consistently been releasing solid material starting with their ‘Smoking Man’ EP released in 2017:

And then they followed that EP up with their debut album ‘Like Clean Air’ in 2019:

Today though, the band is here to drop their sophomore full-length album ‘Home, In a Way’. The band states, “While our EP celebrated and affirmed youthful stupor, the follow-up Like Clean Air signalled the end of it. Home, In A Way continues to mark this growth by presenting itself as a series of reconciliations between the two; still progressing thematically with topics of inebriation (Gone Now), mental well-being (Every Day), and personal inadequacies (Courage) – but framed within different life contexts”.

Go blast these jams now…further below, check out a really cool fully stripped-down live video the band released called ‘Chamber Bedroom Sessions’.


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