Stop What You’re Doing – Singapore Hardcore Band FUSE Drop The Hammer On New Track

YOOOOOO…here we go!

Check out a brand new track Deadlock from Singapore hardcore band FUSE‘s upcoming debut full length. By the way, how HARD is that album title??? This Segregation Will End – SICK!!! The full length is being released by Quality Control HQ outta the UK on vinyl folks! Pre-orders should be going up sometime in April so get ready! We know our fingers will be hovering over the pre-order button ready to smash the SHIT out of it!

Check out the write up from the label:

“Lion City Hardcore.

“This Segregation will end” a 9-song 12″ EP created by FUSE from Singapore is 100% hardcore concentrate. I don’t need to mention similar sounding bands, influences or FFO type shit. FUSE brings a contemporary stab at a classic style while injecting their own unique worldview. You’ve heard hardcore like this before, you like hardcore like this, self-described as “punked-up hardcore, hard but not like those tough guy hardcore bands”, they produce 8 songs and an intro that is worth your time (personal favorite is “Poison”). Music aside, because hardcore is so much more than what you play, it’s how you play, and more importantly, it’s the reasons why you play. The Extracurriculars – FUSE never miss an opportunity to shout out their local scene, they put energy into building up their hometown, and they support their peers. Bottom line, they fucking care about creating their own space for themselves and their friends and that’s all I want in a hardcore band.”
John Scharbach, Give & Shining Life Press

“This masterpiece was recorded at 416 studios, mixed to perfection by Tom Howard and mastered by Will Killingsworth. The record is rounded out with art and layout by the infamous Nicky Rat.”

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