Sri Lankan Nameless Experimental Black/Death/Drone/Doom Act Release Demo

We have written about this band before – here’s tons more info about them…

Sri Lanka, a land with rich cultural and spiritual history boasts of many good tales of gods, deities, demons and the likes with illustrious and often awe-inspiring rituals/dances that accompany the enactments of summoning or chasing these spirits.

Foregoing the general conventions of naming, this mysterious band has instead chosen to represent themselves and their craft with the image of a well-known figure in Sri Lankan folklore and occult traditions. With the country’s rich demonology, occultism and lore surrounding these topics at its core serving as thematic material, this band has embarked to combine elements of doom metal, death metal, drone, and black metal into a nasty sludge of oppressive frequencies, with rumbling lows and piercing high frequencies. The demon that is depicted in the artwork, wielding a traditional Sri Lankan sword of yore, is well known around the country by the name of ‘Mahasona’ (?? ????), also known as Ritigala Jayasena.

The demo is based on the demon ‘Mahasona’ and utilizes occult verses from the ancient devil dance traditions of Sri Lanka. Unlike in the local ‘Shaanthikarma’ rituals, where an ‘athuraya’ (one who is inflicted by the demon) is blessed and the demon exorcised, the ancient texts have been modified for ‘Mahasona’ to be invited to possess the individual. To that end, the ‘ritual’ contained within this release makes an offering of blood, offal and other ‘dola pidheni’ to attract the demon.

Cassettes released in Sri Lanka on the 13th of December 2019 via Virvpi Propaganda; the demo will see its worldwide release on the 13th of January 2020.

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