Singapore hardcore act Losing End release slew of new demos

5 tracks of crushing heavy as F&@K NYHC inspired-hardcore from the Lion City coming at you hard…the only thing that crushes harder then these 5 tracks is how the Unite Asia twitter feed was flooded with Singaporean bands forwarding this release to each and every person’s mother, father, ?????, pets, and the deceased! Hahahahaha…you want to support your own scene? Go hang out at any Singaporean twitter feed to see how that’s done.

We brought you one demo by these guys last month and now we’re psyched to continue flooding everyone’s cyberspace with all 5 of Losing End‘s demo tracks which you can check out below…

Go and enjoy…and heed the words of our good buddy Din of Kids on the Move
“Worth your time to check out. Just don’t break into a mosh frenzy and break your fast” – Din Kids on the Move

The Losing End boys have released this digital version a good month before they do a sick record release show in Singapore with a physical version of the release on cassette put out by the equally awesome Dangerous Goods Distro. If you look at the advertisement below Dangerous Goods have the number 001 after this release – does this mean this is their official first release? Rad…good thing that their official first release is a local Singaporean band (What did I say about Singaporeans supporting their own scene?).

Losing End

Record release show flyer:

Losing End

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