Shoegaze Band Death Of Heather Release Full Album – It’s As Beautiful As You Imagined

It’s here everyone…we’ve been waiting MONTHS to hear this and finally, Thai shoegaze band Death of Heather has released the digital version of their debut self-titled album. It’s frickin as beautiful as you imagined it to be in its entirety…

The vocalist added, “I am very happy, that what I have done for years is finally released now today. This is also the first album I’ve ever released in my life so I’m very excited about my future after this release.”

The band had celebrated the release through and unplugged performance.

“At the release show, we chose to do it unplugged because personally I like the Nirvana MTV Unplugged performance a lot. I haven’t seen many groups choose to do this as a record release show so I wanted to do it as well. I was surprised with how many people came to the event! It fully exceeded my expectations, really thank you all!”

Go listen to this…go share the fuck out of this so the world knows how great our Asian bands are. If you go to the band’s Bandcamp link below you’re able to get the CD version of the record but we’re personally holding out for the vinyl version! Imagine putting the needle down on this?!?!? Dayum…

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