Progressive Metalcore Band Aggressive Raisin Cat Releases New Single [Singapore]

After taking a two year break, the band Aggressive Raisin Cat is back with their sophomore single ‘Ramen’, with another single, EP, Music Video, and more content on the way.

“Drawing inspiration from many subgenres of metal, I had the intention of remaining true to my roots as a thrash metal enthusiast with my riff-writing, while infusing elements of modern metalcore and progressive metalcore that I’ve grown to love over the years into the song,” says Aarong, guitarist of the band. They added, “The song’s lyrics were written by our vocalist describing his personal experience with depression and mental illness. The lyrics aimed to depict a solemn and grim atmosphere, in which he expresses his thoughts through different stages of life. The song was written as a blend of progressive metalcore with the overall song structure, and thrash metal with the riffs. We kept the song dynamic and upbeat, while changing from melancholic sections such as the breakdowns and main riffs, to happier sections like the choruses and orchestral break (before the second chorus).”

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