Axe to Grind Ep. 224 Features Asian Pit Report

Like many of you, over the past couple of years, we’ve jumped into the podcast game. We started our own for a bit but it took way TOO much time and energy and have gone back to just being a loving audience for many of the world’s most amazing, thoughtful, and informative podcasts out there. There are many weekly ones we check in with the minute they drop accompanying us during morning/afternoon commutes, or even while hiking, running, biking around our hometown of Hong Kong.

One such podcast is Axe to Grind out of the US whose 3 hosts have become like a weekly check-in phone call one would do with family members who are currently overseas. Hahahaha…you can read up about the podcast at this cool interview on No Echo.

Most recently Axe to Grind started a “Pit Report” section at the end of their weekly podcasts and we decided to send one in to kind amuse ourselves AND of course to shed some light on our awesome scene out here. The catch is that we’re currently in Hong Kong where COVID restrictions are still full-on. So this “Pit Report” came from our living room while watching fullset live videos on our big screen that bands from around Asia have been releasing. Hahahahaha…

So…to help listeners of Axe to Grind who might be coming out to our site for the first time in the coming few days – we decided to put all those fullset live videos we mentioned in our Pit Report below in one link.


Thanks for listening and checking out our scene! Thanks to the Axe To Grind fellas for allowing me some time on their amazing podcast.


Can’t wait until we can all finally start touring around Asia again and do ACTUAL pit reports.

Here’s the actual episode – the Pit Report is around the 1-hour 37-minute mark:

BAND: Strangle
FROM: Nepal

BAND: Restraint
FROM: Malaysia

BAND: Under 18
FROM: Indonesia
Hardcore punk

BAND: Kids on the Move
FROM: Malaysia
Melodic Hardcore

BAND: Cut Lon
FROM: Vietnam
Crossover Thrash

BAND: Ugoslabier
FROM: Thailand
Post hardcore

BAND: Creative Waste
FROM: Saudi Arabia

BAND: Clean Slate
FROM: Philippines
Melodic hardcore/youth crew

BAND: Nightmare A.D
FROM: Camodia
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