PREMIERE: Melodic Hardcore Band What A Beautiful Day Bring It On Debut Track [China]

Shenzhen (China) based melodic hardcore band What A Beautiful Day have been forging their own path amongst the Chinese hardcore community since day one. Whereas most of China’s hardcore bands fall under the Terror/Madball umbrella, What A Beautiful Day, right from the get go, branched out by incorporating a whole different sonic palette – a much more emotional self-reflective musical landscape.

Today the band, out of fucking nowhere, dropped their debut self-titled album’s first taste. And what a beautiful taste it is.

The track, as expected, is completely in Cantonese – part screamed, part sung, part spoken word. The band is fucking genius both musically and lyrically. Just the layers upon layers of music shows how much thought the band has put into the art they create. And then when you hear the final tempo change of the song? HOLY FUCK.

The band chose to release this song first because it incorporates the band’s deeper purpose and values. We cannot wait to hear the rest of the album that is being by Real Deal Records…get ready.

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