Post Punk Act Halimun Release Video Inspired by French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze [Indonesia]

The word Halimun means “fog” or “misty” in the Sundanese Language and is given to two of the peaks in the national park. Much like the forest in the mountain is almost always enclosed in fog.

In another way, Indonesian post punk act Halimun represents a lack of sight. This lack of sight might be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Fog illustrates obscurity, indistinction; it is an image preceding great revelations. It is the “Gray Zone” between reality and unreality, and uncertainty about the future and beyond.

Regarding the new single, ‘Becoming Deleuzian’ inspired by Gilles Deleuze; France philosopher who committed suicide in 1995. HALIMUN is trying to talk about one of the most influential works: “Postscript of Society of Control” by Deleuze in the early 90s. In short,

The world is run by machines not something like human free will. The machine here more generally are systems of information processing that interpret and remake the world according to the particular logics. Society is made up of many ‘machines’ social, political, bureaucratic, and also to categorize the people (citizen vs criminal etc.)

In the Postscript of Society of Control, Deleuze conceder there is a type of societies: discipline societies and societies of control. Discipline societies let the body as the important object: stand up, sit down, stay in your seat, stay in your cell (prison). All your movement and your time are enclosed by space and schedule and restricted by the threat of violence authorities including teachers, prison guards, hospital orderlies. In disciplinary society, we’re given the burden of self-discipline. This is what we saw in a video like in the tennis match and umpires chair: being known and being seen.

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