Check Out Awesome 30 Minute Video Interview With Myanmar Punk Band The Rebel Riot

Myanmar punk The Rebel Riot should be a household name throughout Asia in regards to Asian punk rock as a band that not only releases poignant music, but as a band that also does so many things to help the less fortunate in their country. The Rebel Riot are often leading Food Not Bombs activities, educational activities, and doing so much to reach out to people in their communities to be able to find some way to be able to stay afloat. The band also, beautifully, support the Muslim minority of the country and often challenge the government and society in general in regards to the way Muslims in Myanmar are treated.

Turning Tables Myanmar has started this wonderful series of videos called ‘Rock Your Vote’ and in episode 1 they get the band in the studio and have a VERY in-depth interview with the band as well as getting the band to rock some tracks. Luckily for all of us, Turning Tables were kind enough to include English subtitles!

Go check it out! And check out their brand new member on vocals too! SO GOOD!!!

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