Malaysian Stoner Doom Bands IBLISS and TRIPPING HAZE CEREMONY Head To Bangkok

Two Malaysian Stoner/Doom’s legendary bands IBLISS & TRIPPING HAZE CEREMONY will be heading to Bangkok. The bands will be supported by the following Thai acts ZEITGEISTS, CVPTAIN MORGANS and ATTIC.

Both bands had the following to say:

IBLISS: “We’re super stoked to perform in Bangkok as this is our first-ever show abroad. But honestly, it’s a mixture of feeling; thrilled, excited and little that we know about the stoner/doom scene over there so it’s a bit mysterious at the same time.”

THC: “Mysterious Thailand! Surely, it’ll be fun to play alongside cool local bands and yeah, we just wanna have fun!”

ZeitGeistS: “On behalf of the rest of the local bands and all stoner/doom lover in Thailand, this is what we’re waiting for long time, “IBLISS” & “Tripping Haze Ceremony” are international “Stoner/Doom” bands to perform in Thailand for the first time in many many years! We are beyond excited to become supporting acts alongside our friends The Rock n Roll Dynamic Duo “Cvptain Morgans” & Thai Stoner Rock “ATTIC”.”

Venue: Speakerbox, BKK

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