Hong Kong band Los En Found release live video and send us some thoughts

Once upon a time Hong Kong had its own version of Taking Back Sunday that went under the moniker of Los En Found.They were a great band with an amazing lineup of stand up people from the local Hong Kong scene…don’t let the photo above fool you – that is not what they look like now! Hahaha…that is what they looked like in the heyday of the band.

This is actually what the boys look like now:

A number of years ago the band quietly stopped playing with members either moving on to other acts or forming new ones. Notably their drummer Kulo Ming is a highly sought after musician in Hong Kong because a) he’s an amazing dude, b) he kills it on the drums, c) the dude LOVES music, d) was A to C not enough?! Some of the insane bands he went on to form or join were: Rain In Time, FightxClub, DIV.

Earlier this year however, the band surprised everyone by reforming in order to open a record release show for Hong Kong melodic hardcore band The Priceless Boat.

Today we spoke to Kulo about this particular show and he kindly sent in his thoughts:

“The whole experience was quite unreal for us. Prior to that show we only had practice as a full band 4 or 5 times. And actually, prior to that show the last time we were together on a stage was 7 years ago.

People always ask what happened and why we suddenly stopped playing back then…but you know how it is, there was just a bunch of shit that happens in life that stops you from doing what you love. That’s honestly why we stopped and tried to pursue different things in life.

The reason we agreed to do this show was because our brothers who make up The Priceless Boat were actually people who would often be at our shows watching us in the audience, and now they were going to be on stage celebrating their own debut record release show. We thought, what better reason to do a one-off reunion show than to celebrate these guys? So we got together and tried to figure out a setlist.

One of the biggest regrets we have is that we never finished our debut album 7 years ago…so if time allows, we might hit the studio again and re-record the whole thing or even start writing new songs again…who knows! hahaha…”

WHAT?! If that happens we’ll be STOKED!

Enjoy the live video below and some old tracks further below.


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