Go Fund Me started for member of Philippines hardcore community struck with cancer

Go Fund Me started for Rodel, a member of Philippines hardcore band Bulldozed, who has just learned he has been struck down with cancer. The gofundme page was started by his amazing 16 year old daughter who posted the following message on the page:


My name is Christiana, I’m 16 and my dad’s name is Rodel, he is 42. Today, May 30, 2018, I found out my dad has stage 4 lung cancer. My mom is unemployed at the moment and my dad can’t work due to his illness. I am the only one working part time at the moment at a minimum wage job because I have 2 9-year old little brothers and I want to help my mom buy food for our family. My dad’s doctor hasn’t discussed the treatments they’re going to do, whether it’s chemo, pills, etc. but we know for sure it won’t be covered by our insurance.. It would be very great to receive any type of help whether it’s money, prayers, food, or thoughts. $1 or $5 goes a long way. I’m hoping to raise even the littlest money for my dad so he can get the treatment he needs.

Thank you so much.”

This is important so do what you can. There is NO other reason to start a website like UniteAsia.org if it isn’t to help our fellow Asian hardcore-punk rock brethren out when they need our assistance!

From Alvin Sta.Cruz, Bulldozed/Skrewheds/Milagro:

“Fucking cancer struck one of our favorite people which I also consider my brother and very dear not only to me but also to a lot of people he crossed paths with. We humbly ask for your time to check out our go fund me page and ask for your assistance. Well wishes and donations are highly appreciated. Thank you…”

From Jep:

“Kamala was one of the big guys (literally and figuratively) of the Binan, Laguna scene back in the early to late 90s. (Still is, for me.) Originally a roadie for Skrewheds, where his brother Rey played bass, Rodel (Kamala) was recruited as a bassist by former members of Psychotic Change, Biofeedback, and Skrewheds when Bulldozed was formed. They recorded a one-off live demo which they released independently then via Crossblood Records on cassette tape. After the band folded, he then migrated to the states to work and live as a family man. He was always one of the most chill guys from that crew. Always video recording any events where us friends are. Some of the old surviving footages of these bands gigs were filmed by him. He visited home a couple of weeks back, and when he returned to the U.S. encountered difficulty with his breathing. Doctors later diagnosed him with stage 4 lung cancer. Please, help a brother out any way you can. Your well-wishes and your healing thoughts are needed.”



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