Hardcore, Metal, Punk, and Ska Fest Announced For Beijing – Reverb Punk Fest [China]

Super sick new fest announced!

A brand new fest called Reverb Punk Fest will take place across 3 days (August 5, 6, and 7) in Beijing featuring bands of a mix of genres including punk rock, ska, hardcore, and metal. The fest is organized by both Real Deal (the promoters who’ve been handling CNHC Fest every year for over 10 years now) and League of the Drunken Bums (a brand new punk collective and EXCELLENT name!) and will be held a brand new venue called A8 Live at 798. The fest itself includes 2 stages – one indoors and one outdoors and includes a total of 41 bands participating! WHAT?!?!??!! The lineup of bands includes some of the following listed below (with the rest on the flyer above designed by the super-talented LockeDong).

Punk: Hell City, Gum Bleed, Dummy Toys, Discord, and others

Hardcore: Unregenerate Blood, Return The Truth, Last Chance Of Youth, the return of Dog 13 (A super sick hardcore punk band featuring members of Joyside, Curry 3000 who last played together 16 years ago!)

Ska: 36计, Uncle Bad

Metal: Never Before

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