Godflesh Inspired Metal Outta India? Sign Us Up! Formidable Hate Machine Release Album

FHM (Formidable Hate Machine) is a two-piece industrial metal act from Bangalore, India. RR and Telal Xul have been playing together since 2013 in a black metal band named Antakrit. FHM can be defined as an accidental product when Antakrit took a break from jamming due to the inactivity of band members. But it didn’t stop the duo from making music. In fact, the idea of FHM came when RR was making new music for Antakrit.

Both the members are inspired by different genres of music, starting from classic rock, 80’s new wave, punk, industrial, black metal, thrash metal to black/death metal. Last year gave them ample time to experiment with different genres and the idea of FHM was born out of experiments. In fact, the lockdown acted like an opportunity for them to experiment and write new music.

The band released their first single in Nov 2020 and after getting a good response, they sat down and concentrated fully on a full length. The idea was to give something very fresh and unexpected to the Indian metal scene, something which was never done before. The result is – the inception of textured audio violence, which draws inspiration from Godflesh to native ‘Assamese modern music’ originated in Assam, India. Currently, the album is available for streaming on their Bandcamp page and the band is busy releasing physical copies. FHM can be defined as a project to listen with open ears and perception, as the band is planning to take unexpected musical directions in the future by keeping industrial metal as a pillar. FHM also recently did a full interview which is also streaming below.


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