Fullset live video of grindcore act Self Deconstruction up now and new track from split [Japan]

A fullset live video of grindcore act Self Deconstruction has recently surfaced [Japan]. The band also has a split record coming out on RSR Records from Germany with powerviolence band Speed! Noise! Hell! coming out in July and you can check out one of the tracks further below.

From the label:

“SELF DECONSTRUCTION present 15 tracks (including a Capitalist Casualties cover) of free-style grind-violence from Tokyo, Japan, since 2010. Featuring Kubine on female vocals and Kuzuha (ex-Sete Star Sept) on guitars. SPEED !!! NOISE !!! HELL!!! from Kochi (ex – Conga Fury) so you know the deal, 9x fast Japanese HC-thrash violence!! This will be a delicacy for all Japanese Grindcore/Powerviolence fans!”

Self Deconstruction: https://www.facebook.com/selfdeconstruction/

Speed Noise Hell: https://www.facebook.com/SPEEDNOISEHELL/

RSR Records: https://www.rsr-hateape-shop.de/

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