The fuck?!!! Indonesian clothing company releases holocaust themed t-shirt

the fuck

What the fuck? An Indonesian clothing company has released the design above for an upcoming t-shirt “series”. The shirt is even horribly titled “Holocaust Deluxe”. What the FUCK does that mean? You mean the death of 7 million people during World War II wasn’t sick enough, you need a more “deluxe” way to exterminate people? And what does “martyr” series mean with the face of evil incarnate on your shirt? Adolf Hitler was a “martyr”? To who? Donald Trump?

How the fuck does anyone in 2016 still not know the history of the atrocities committed in the history of this planet? How?????? And how is it possible that people will think that this is a good idea for any type of promotion for your band, label, clothing company, WHATEVER? This is not a clever marketing ploy – this is a surefire way to END your band, label, EVERYTHING.

Fucking idiots.

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