EPISODE 07 Unite Asia Podcast | Hassan of Multinational Corporations [Pakistan]

In our seventh episode of the Unite Asia Podcast, we sit down with the vocalist of Pakistani grindcore band Multinational Corporations as he takes us through how he got into heavy music (metal to hardcore punk) on the streets of Lahore. Super enlightening to chat with another Pakistani and hear how different our upbringings were (He is a Pakistani who grew up in Pakistan, while I’m a Pakistani who grew up in Hong Kong).

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Hopefully, you’ve noticed that with every episode we have been going male, female, male, female. We’re trying our best to make sure the world knows what’s up with our Asian community.

Podcast第七集嘅嘉賓係巴基斯坦grindcore樂隊Multinational Corporations嘅主音。 訪問中講到佢點樣踏進重型音樂嘅歷程(從metal 到 hardcore punk)。 能夠訪問另一個巴基斯坦人,當中講到我哋不同嘅成長經歷對我來講非常有啟發性(我哋都係巴基斯坦人,不過佢喺巴基斯坦長大,而我喺香港長大)。

你可能已經留意到我哋Podcast係一集男、一集女嘉賓嘅安排。 我哋盡力希望世界可以更加了解我哋亞洲嘅音樂圈子。

Support Hassan at the following links:
❌ MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS BANDCAMP: https://multicorpgrind.bandcamp.com/
❌ MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/multinationalcorporationspakistan
❌ FORESKIN BANDCAMP: https://foreskin.bandcamp.com/
❌ HASSAN INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/luntewajjo/

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