Emo inspired punk rock band Ache release EP [Indonesia]

Emo inspired punk rock band Ache release EP [Indonesia]. Clearly the band is super excited 🙂 Enjoy reading this…ahem…”press release”! Hey…you gotta love the band for being into it! If you can’t be bothered to read through this rambling press release, just press play and enjoy the tunes. It has the 90’s midwest emo vibe all over it…

“Hello! How are you fellas?? I know it sux for all that blood drained chit chat buuttt hey my band just put out a fuckin EP. Ayey! Finally since I was 16, this is the first time my band has put out something yay! After all I’m not a loser right?? It’s okay being 28 and finally JUST put out something by your own band. Wait wait wait…Why am I typing all this bullshit cssshhh…

Okay new EP by Tangerang White-Collar emo kids, Ache. We put out 5 songs recorded in much ‘efforts’ and loves. Like we have to wait for ur sallary being paid to get ur stuffs recorded. Musically described… FTFO desperate Jawbreaker cover band who listen a lot to The Weakerthans, welcome to ur uncool club!

We put out the EP on tapes and proudly would like to thank Mr Amar taking care ur stuffs (Yea you rule so fukken hard mate!). And if you are would like to hear stuffs from this desperate emo bands, just reply this mail and we’ll let you know how to hear ur stuffs.”


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