Emo Band eleventwelfth Release New Single Off Upcoming Debut Album [Indonesia]

eleventwelfth has been around crafting musical bits for a little more than half a decade, not long enough to be considered as a senior, but also not necessarily a newcomer. During this period, eleventwelfth has released one mini-album, one EP, four singles, one compilation, but not yet a full-length. Nevertheless, this will change.

eleventwelfth will be releasing their much-anticipated debut album in 2022. Consisting of Almas Makitsuna (Drum), Rona Hartriant (Guitar, Vocal), Yogawerda Kessawa (Guitar), and Tir Saputra (Bass), eleventwelfth has signed themselves with Angular//Momentum Records, an emerging label from Jakarta, to be the home for their next debut release. Continuing their lore since 2015, on December 11th, 2021, the first taste of their next release will be introduced to the world for everyone to relate to.

“back when i leaned my back on her back” is the opening track and the closing track of their yet to be announced long-playing record. Choosing this song as the first single captures the new direction that eleventwelfth is heading towards. Starting the song with an acoustic guitar and calming ambiance surrounding its earworm vocal delivery, the song successfully progresses itself into a piece of overdriven and complicated rock music, then ends with a bang. Though they’re infamous for their heartwrenching lyrics, eleventwelfth is trying to tell different stories this time. “back when i leaned my back on her back” communicates a sense of appreciation to someone that is always right there beside you and to actually treat them well and tell them that you’re thankful before it’s too late.

After years of previously performing emotional pieces, eleventwelfth has revamped their trademark of desolate songs into a trilling of gratitude. Stirring themselves to make music that is easy listening but yet complex at the same time, they have interestingly managed to blend everything from modern pop, alternative & indie, math rock, and experimental music in their next effort.

Parting away from the monochrome appearances they used to present, eleventwelfth now has reemerged in full colour. Tempting their fortune as a band that might differentiate their listener’s opinion whether if it’s old or new, there’s still one thing that’ll never change. eleventwelfth still do this for themselves, to build a tremendous framework in the determining stages of their lives. As they have stated before, they do not hope if you can relate to this, but again, just to tell you in advance, you might.


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