Emo Band eleventwelfth Continue Annual December 11th Tradition [Indonesia]

After releasing their eponymous debut album titled “SIMILAR” last March, eleventwelfth, the Alternative / Math-Rock unit from Jakarta, has once again celebrated December 11th this year by releasing a new music video for their hit single from the said album which is titled “another night awake with you on my mind.” featuring Adeliesa.

eleventwelfth has been famously known to release songs on the said date, December 11th, each year since 2017 to commemorate the name of their band. Without breaking tradition, eleventwelfth has repeatedly proved its consistency by releasing something new this December 11th. But instead of a new single or EP like what they have done many years before, eleventwelfth has released something different this year as they just recently released a new music video for one of the songs from “SIMILAR”, “another night awake with you on my mind.” featuring Adeliesa through their YouTube channel at 11:12 AM on December 11th.

Giving the spotlight to Adeliesa, an upcoming singer-songwriter, to take the lead vocal on this particular song has changed the mood of the song to become softer yet energetic at the same time. Singing about having trouble sleeping while still thinking about the one we might have lost, eleventwelfth once again proved that they can translate the feeling within their song to the audience. Though the music itself reminisces of what eleventwelfth usually sounds like, it took a twist with how the song starts and ends with piano and has a prominent guitar riff across the song while the male and female vocals sing back and forth.


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