CHECK OUT: Second Hand Rose – prepare to have your mind blown…

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose…for those of you who are about to check out this legendary Chinese rock band for the very first time RIGHT NOW, I am soooooooooo jealous. Get ready for your minds to be blown…in this day in age it is so unbelievably hard to be able to create “new” music – or a new genre or something original and unique. In the world of technology at our fingertips – kids are creating music at all hours of the days using whatever software on their laptops. But at the end of the day, it is still impossible to come up with something original that actually sounds good and that actually can connect with thousands all over the world.

Welcome to the world of China’s beast of a band called Second Hand Rose. This band, as you can tell with that awesome band pic above, is led by a charismatic frontman Liang Long (below) who is unafraid to ruffle feathers and cause some controversy. Not only in the way he dresses and his on stage persona, but in his vocal stylings and stage banter. This guy is the MAN…watching this band LIVE is second to none. Their command of the stage is unbelievable as they can turn a 10,000 packed outdoor music festival venue into a small intimate room – the audience’s admiration and respect for this band immediately allows them to take everyone in attendance on a wild musical journey with their unique East meets West musical stylings.

Second Hand Rose

Enough talk…check out a WHOLE live show video down below from a recent performance…get ready.

Get on Second Hand Rose’s Facebook page here:

Second Hand Rose, Paléo Festival Nyon 2015… ??? paleo

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