CHECK OUT: Malaysian math-rock band NAO release new music video – political as $%&#


I don’t know about you…when I think of politically charged bands I certainly picture loud, aggressive, abrasive in your face punk rock, hardcore or metal bands. In recent times I have not come across many heavy bands that directly scream “fuck you” to the establishment – many of them may have pretty politically conscious lyrics, but you would have to dig through the poetry that is their lyrics to find that stance.

But here, out of Malaysia, is an instrumental math rock band called NAO who have JUST released a music video for a song entitled Goodbye Najib! HOLY FUCK! If you keep yourself abreast with the political happenings of countries around Asia – you will know that there has been A LOT going on in Malaysia for this embattled prime minister with reports of corruption. Here you have a math rock band who are DIRECTLY calling out the prime minister of Malaysia for being a piece of crap.

This band has certainly won my heart…any band that has the BALLS and courage to stand up for what’s right is more than golden in my book.

This band rules – get into them…they recently also released a 2 song EP entitled Beyond The Rules (even the title of this EP is punk as fuck!) on Beijing label Handshake Records. That record label has also stated that because of Nao’s political views and stance, the EP will not be sold openly in China – instead if anyone wants to purchase the EP they will have to contact the label directly to work it out.


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