Celebrating 25th Anniversary – KING LY CHEE – Release MV For ‘Keep Faith’ [Hong Kong]

This year is Hong Kong hardcore mainstays KING LY CHEE‘s 25th year anniversary. Sure, the main guy of the band (me, the dude writing this) has immigrated to London since August of 2023, but with the convenience of sending music/demos/ideas across anywhere on planet earth, the band was able to record, edit, etc this music video.

The video is or what is the last song King Ly Chee released before Riz left Hong Kong – ‘Keep Faith’. The song was recorded by incredible human being Sammy So of KOLOR fame in Hong Kong, someone who has been with King Ly Chee since the band started way back in 1999. The video was recorded, edited and produced by Hong Kong skateboarder Cheuk Laam in his very first outing as a video director. The entire idea of enlisting Cheuk Laam came from King Ly Chee’s drummer Kevin who said, “Part of the beauty of King Ly Chee is trying to help new people get their start. So I asked the guys what they thought of getting someone like Cheuk Laam, an established skateboarder/model here, a chance to produce a music video for us. Who knows – this could be the beginning of something new for him. The band of course all responded “hell yeah!”.”

This good looking dude right here is the director!

Lyrically, Riz reflected on his last few years in Hong Kong being in a very dark place literally stating that he’s done all he could have done in Hong Kong and it was time to move on. Not the band, but the city, his beloved home.

“We all walk around dead
Choking on my very last breath
In a world that holds me back…”

Which then ends with…

“As I say goodbye to the place I’ve loved
I know that I have tried all that I could’ve done
There’s nothing else for me
So I close my eyes
There’s nothing else for me
So I close my eyes and wave goodbye.”

For his part of the video, Riz was on holiday with his family in the Sahara desert when he got a text from Cheuk Laam stating that he had to be in the video somehow. So Riz enlisted his 12 year daughter to help film him singing along to the song right on the desert.

Another person the band added to the track is legendary Hong Kong rapper – MC YAN – the dude is a MONSTER in the HK community being part of the legendary earth shaking Hong Kong rap crew LMF. His part of the song was recorded all in one take – that’s how pro this dude is.

Who knows if this is the band’s very last song…hopefully not…but if it is, they went all out on this one song. There’s even some dhol on this.


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