It’s Up! Check Out Hong Kong Band Rain In Time’s Brand New Music Video

Last night at midnight a long-running Hong Kong band, Rain In Time, dropped their brand new music video and single…overnight the video has already gotten over a thousand views which in Hong Kong for an independent underground band that released a video in the middle of the night, is a HUGE number. That number is going to explode today…and a band like Rain In Time deserves all that love and attention.

When you click play on the video below get ready to be overcome with emotions…after all, this is a band who in the midst of a city in turmoil were able to harness the feelings of their home falling apart and channeled all those dark hopelessness into creating art. The song itself is excellently crafted musically and with beautifully soothing vocal melodies that are at times layered with soaring harmonies. As the band explained to us a few days ago in THIS article, they have a huge variety of musical influences they expertly blended and weaved into the fabric that makes up the band. After years of creating music together – this new track shows some of the best music they’ve ever made and lucky for all of us, this is the first of FIVE new tracks the band will be releasing this year.

It’s insane to think that a band of this caliber is still just an “underground” band in Hong Kong. If this band was anywhere in SE Asia or Taiwan – they would be huge. If this band was situated in the US, we can imagine them being a band that would’ve been touring the country for the past 10 years opening for bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco…being signed to Drive Thru Records, Vagrant Records, etc…alas, they live here in Hong Kong.

Either way – they’ve put in the time, energy and tons of heart to be the inspiring band they are and are continuing down this road.

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