Meet Hong Kong Band Rain In Time Who Are About To Drop Breathtaking New Single

We’re from Hong Kong. We love our city. We love the pace and the madness. We love the joy and heartbreak. We love the history and the impact that has had on our city’s identity. We were a Chinese territory, then an English territory for over 100 years that took the city from a small fishing village to the global powerhouse that it is now, and then 20 plus years ago we were returned to China. All of this chaos, beauty, turmoil, joy is part of the fabric that makes up Hong Kong. But the one thing that truly makes Hong Kong the city that it is, is our language – Cantonese.

Meet Hong Kong band Rain In Time.

Rain In Time is a rock act that has been active in the Hong Kong music scene for 12 years now. The band has never wavered from singing in their mother language of Cantonese out of respect for who they are as people, how they were raised, and the city they call home. Right from the getgo, this band has was formed by like-minded spirits who were looking for ways to bring meaning to their lives. Though there were a few lineup changes early on in the band’s development, from 2010 to the present day, it’s been the same six beating hearts that make up the band. In Hong Kong, and many places around the world, that is a RARE occurrence.

The band’s music has always been a beautiful blend of genres ranging from pop-punk, post-hardcore, electronica, and alternative rock, but laced above the music is a stream of Cantonese poetry sung by the immensely talented vocalist Yoyo. As a fan of the band for many years, it is witnessing her growth in confidence, stage presence, and vocal ability that really brings out the goosebumps in us. It is hard to imagine that she was just 17 when she joined the band! She is accompanied by a band of brothers who have done time and continue to play in underground hardcore, post-hardcore and alt-rock acts such as Los En Found, The Priceless Boat, Seasons For Change, and Fight Club each of them bringing their own passion, hopes, and dreams to the fold to continue to color and paint the Rain in Time canvass of music. Also, due to their extensive stage experience, when the sextet takes the stage you know they’re about to BRING IT, and when they hit that first note, the journey begins…


As mentioned above, 2020 is a full decade the band has worked closely together creating and dreaming this path together. With that, the band has been working on recording a brand new album as well as planning a series of events (even possibly a festival!) to celebrate their existence.

This Friday night the band is going to unveil the first of FIVE new singles released throughout the year. This first track – 一岸之遙 – gives you a taste of their growth as songwriters. (We’ve been listening to the song all day and it continues to be on repeat now.) Drummer Kulo Ming shared “The song is about the tussle between expectation and reality. The idea that in order to succeed sometimes one has to do whatever it is necessary to achieve your goal.” The track also features Joseph vocalist of legendary Hong Kong punk rock band Hardpack. “We wanted to include him to remind people about the Hong Kong hardcore and punk scene that used to be such a big part of not just our lives but also Hong Kong.”

Come back tomorrow night to witness the magic and grace of this amazing band…Rain In Time continues to make Hong Kong proud. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!