Beloved Post Hardcore Act The Lovesong Return For First Show in 4 Years [Hong Kong]

This past weekend saw Hong Kong’s world-renown music festival Clockenflap return for the first time in many many years. Headlining acts included Wu Tang Clan and Arctic Monkeys, but we’re here to talk about the return performance of Hong Kong’s most beloved emo/post-hardcore band The Lovesong.

This was the band’s first performance in 4 years playing in front of a rabid crowd who welcomed the band back in immense style. It was like a big warm hug to the band during their entire 45-minute performance that saw circle pits and stagedives break out for the band. The band themselves were pleasantly surprised with the reaction. Ben, vocalist/guitarist of the band, stated, “We’ve never had a circle pit break out for us!”

There are a couple of live videos from the show up now for y’all to enjoy and for those of us in attendance to reminisce over.

Ben was kind enough to help reflect on the show.

“The show was really fun, partly because it was the first outdoor music festival since the pandemic started, but mostly because of the celebratory and positive mood of Hongkongers that weekend, having endured the drastic and painful changes our city has been through since 2019. It felt like a reunion of sorts, and to be able to play super old tunes to new and older faces felt like a full circle. The most special moment for me was being able to pay tribute to our dear friend Josh by attempting to cover what is probably my favorite Whence He Came song. Also eternally grateful to all who came to Clockenflap to see us – your support means everything. Not sure when we might play again, but definitely one for the books!”

Though the response was beautiful that doesn’t mean we can expect more frequent The Lovesong shows as their second guitarist, Ephraim, lives out in the US. So what that means is, if you EVER see The Lovesong listed on a flyer, make SURE you get to that show.

For those who haven’t heard the band – check out their tunes further below.

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