Beijing Street Punk Diehards – Shave ‘N’ Shut – Drop Surprise EP [China]

Our buddies in Beijing street punk band Shave ‘N’ Shut clearly kept themselves busy in 2020, they just dropped a surprise entitled ‘Ghosts of the Great Wall’ totally out of nowhere with ZERO promotion. That’s punk as FUCK. It came as a surprise even to the label that previously released their materials Real Deal Records who are the ones that hit us up about it.

Real Deal: “Dude – Shave ‘N’ Shut just released a new EP!”
Unite Asia: “What?”
Real Deal: “Yeah – no one knew! It’s up on all streaming platforms now!”
Unite Asia: “You guys didn’t know??”
Real Deal: “No! hahahaha!”

Hahahahaha…a whole morning of this and then the rest of the day both Real Deal Records and Unite Asia were blasting the EP non-stop. The title of the EP is frickin awesome – Real Deal were able to help us get the low down:

“Well, where we live in Beijing, we’re surrounded by the Great Wall. At night the ghosts that live around the walls come to life. To us, it’s very reminiscent of an invisible wall that surrounds us. The only way to get around this invisible wall is by using a VPN. So, much like these ghosts, we’re ghosts roaming around the modern day “great wall”.”


The band was kind enough to also inform us that this was all done DIY – from the recording, to hitting up fellow musicians of other punk bands (Discord’s guitarist mixed the record), to releasing this, was all done 100% on their own. Shave ‘N’ Shut do have plans for getting this out on vinyl (limited to 200 pcs) as well as bringing these songs to life live – currently, the band’s members have family commitments which means they won’t be touring for the rest of 2020, but they’re looking forward to hitting stages everywhere come 2022.

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