Bangkok Announces Massive Rockabilly Event [Thailand]

Brighter than the flash of a switchblade knife…tucked next to cigarettes in a plain white shirt on a wiry frame…rumbling along on a muffler-less motorcycle…tied tight in a bouncing ponytail of a bopping bobbysoxer…

This is the sound of rockabilly! Rockabilly is one of the foundational sounds of original rock ‘n’ roll to emerge in the 1950s, mixing the howling spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with the twang of early country music.

We’ll be celebrating rockabilly, along with other foundational rock ‘n’ roll sounds such as jump blues, doo-wop, 50’s pop, surf, and more at Speaker Box Sunday Sock Hop on Sunday, October 1. It will be the biggest party of its type in Bangkok this year, with live music, vinyl DJing, and a period movie.

One more definition for ya: a sock hop is a party for this kind of music. Originally, it was because they were held in school gyms and similar, when the big bosses didn’t want furiously kicking shoed-feet to scoff off their fancy floors. So, they’d have the dancers go shoeless. However, after a while shoes were allowed to stay – but the name stuck.

This sock hop will feature a full multi-media program to get you real gone. Here they are…

Trix ‘O’ Treat – Headlining the show is not just Thailand’s premier rockabilly band, but one of the top in all of Asia. Trix ‘O’ Treat has performed a zillion shows, dazzling audiences with vocal acrobatics from singer Tukta and dizzying rhythms with a rapid fire (and military tight!) rhythm section lead by double-bassist (and Thai punk pioneer) Mr. Vans. Watch out for their new single!

Rockabilly Rebel & His Amazing Orchestra – Rockabilly Rebel delivers music from the 1950’s, when cars where big, guys were handsome, and girls were chic! The trio plays the songs of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and their like. You hear Rockabilly Rebel, you hear 100% boogie-woogie!

DJ BO, “Shanghai’s #2 DJ,” from The USA, will be flying in, bringing in records from his collection of original rock ‘n’ roll music! A relentless peripatetic, DJ BO is a real road warrior, playing 29 countries and 43 cities in China and counting. This includes gigs with Rolling Bowling (Beijing), The Boogie Playboys (Hong Kong), and RockTigers/Street Guns (Seoul).

-Rock, Rock, Rock! is a 1956 exploitation film for the new rock ‘n’ roll music. It was one of a few made featuring Alan Freed, the man who titled and advocated for the new genre. Among others, it features lip-synced performances by music legend Chuck Berry and rockabilly greats Johnny Burnette & The Rock ‘N’ Roll Trio. This is presented by DJ BO’s Guilt Free Cin. Club.

Sun., Oct. 1 – (Doors: 6pm / Film: 6:15pm / Music: 7:45pm)

Speaker Box (Liberty Plaza, Thonglor)

Trix ‘O’ Treat (Rak-A-Billy-Rock! Thai rockabilly greats!)
Rockabilly Rebel & His Amazing Orchestra (Dig it!)
DJ BO (“Shanghai’s #2 DJ” spins vinyl & hosts film Rock, Rock, Rock! [1956])

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