Asian greats Typecast release new single and music video…the song is beautiful.

Right from the opening note…as it rings out it grabs your heart and pulls you in to the song. The true strength and power of well written music. And would you be at all surprised that this type of mastery comes out of the hands and fingertips of the boys in the band Typecast out of the Philippines? Fuck no. They’re the best at this.

Once again the band doesn’t fail to deliver a heartfelt soundtrack for our daily struggles.

Vocalist Steven had this to say about the lyrical content in the track:

“Perfect posture is a song about hope. Dealing with the struggles and anxieties in life, facing your inner demons. Kind of a reminder that you’re not alone in this and that there are people who understand and are willing to help.”

The fact that the track deals with such a heavy topic and with how the track never comes together as a full “rocking” track, shows the thoughtfulness of the band to just simply provide a piece of music for those of us to better handle our anxieties.


You’ve been hanging for so long
Carry the weight
Keep it all in when all you want is to be understood

Waste the day under the sheets
Staring at the wall
Then you start to hate yourself
And wonder what went wrong
Wonder what went wrong

You know it’s never easy
You’ve been down this road before
Broken and alone, losing all your hope

The world is never fair
So keep a perfect posture
Keep them all confused
Never ever show the ropes

You’ve been down this road before
Never ever show the ropes

So swallow it all
Off with the chair
Let go of the weights
Let the waves crush your chest

The air is so calm
And Im never getting up
Is this the perfect time to leave this world behind?

Here are some suicide prevention hotlines in the Philippines:

– (02) 804-HOPE (4673)
– 0917 558 HOPE (4673)
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