INTERVIEW: Introducing Indonesian power pop band Take as they release debut EP


Indonesian power-pop band Take. has released their first EP entitled A Storyline! We’re stoked to have done a quick chat with their male vocalist/guitarist Putra about this incarnation and what brought this husband-wife duo together to make this band happen. The coolest thing is to hear what lifelong musicians go on to create…as you will be able to check out further down below, besides this power-pop band that Putra began with his wife, his main steeze is a 90’s Epitaph/Fat Wreck Chords style melodic punk rock band called Rejected Kids for which he sings and plays guitar in – yo, they’re the JAM – and he also moonlights in phenomenal Indonesian indie-rock band called eleventwelfth.

Anyway…without further ado, time for you to better acquaint yourself with the man behind this brand new duo act Take.

Give us a little background to your band.
Take is a musical project made by myself and my lovely wife.


So what was the inspiration to start this band?
I don’t know what it was but my mind was blown by older pop punk like stuff from lemuria, shonen knife, chumped, block fort, etc…and my wife is a huge fan of Hayley Williams! hahahaha…

Yeah you can kinda hear the Hayley Williams vibe on the song Another Strange Song but there are definitely songs on your record which your wife screams with a lot more anger and conviction then Hayley does! hahahahaha…How do you guys go about writing music?
We just go over stuff on my guitar and then I record it on my phone. We practice in the studio where my wife plays the bass and sings, and then I play guitar and record the drums. So if we actually want jam the songs out we would have to get other people to come in and help play the drums.

How did you end up working with Rizkan Records?
Yeah – all of this happened because we’re best friends with Rizkan and he loves our band!

rizkan records

Cool! So what’s next for Take once this record comes out?
Find some shows to have some fun cause we’re actually a newer band so not a lot of people know about us. We’re also busy writing new music for something that will come out in March.

What are some other bands you’re into right now?
Local bands like aggi, saturday night karaoke, vague, fatrace…

What other bands do you play in?
I play in Rejected Kids. We’re a band that plays punk rock like sick of change, adhesive, etc…I also play bass in a band called eleventhwelfth.

Oh damn! I love eleventwelfth. What are they up to?
They’re really talented musicians and I’m glad to be helping them on bass. We’re just practicing before we record a bunch of new stuff for an EP that will be out this year.

Alright man – any last words?
Thanks to you and for letting us on your web man!


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