Yo – The Best Metallic Hardcore Release in Asia of 2021 So Far? Check Out Huminoid [Indonesia]

Holy shit – right from those crazy little electronic effects from the beginning…this shit goes OFF.

Metallic hardcore band Huminoid was only formed in 2017 but originally started as a death metal band. With a number of lineup changes, clearly the band ditched all that and moved into a formation of a band whose kicking open any type of box anyone could’ve placed them in. The band is now a 6 piece monster that mixes electronic soundscapes with the general heaviness of metallic hardcore – think bands like Code Orange, Vein, etc.

The band has just dropped a 3 track release entitled ‘Promo 2021’. “Our days were filled with throwing wav files and revisions around online, recording independently in our home studio, and then our own guitarist, Matt, handled the mixing. We sent it to Madfuka Studio in Malang, Indonesia, to get mastered.”

The opening track “.foratrashlikeyou” is a minute of swirling electronic sounds and movie samples that sets out the tone perfectly for the promo. Followed perfectly by the second track “Self Made God”, a short and angry one about egocentric people that equipped with a mosh-induced last breakdown. “Nothing New” offers more two steps parts and sampling work before the heavy sludgy closer part. While the music focused on throwing hands and panic chords, the lyrics screams anger, depression, and abuse of power: “The problem is all I can see/A never ending misery/Nothing new for a trash like you/You’re nothing.”

‘Promo 2021” is out now on all digital platforms. Physical copies will be available via: Moshpit Records (Indonesia/CDs), United Stance Records (Indonsia/Cassettes), and Paper Wings Records (US/CDs and Cassettes).


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