Yay! Indie-rock band eleventwelfth have released a new single! [Indonesia]

Yay! eleventwelfth have released a new single! [Indonesia]. We fell in love with this band last year and are so happy the band is still out there creating beautifully crafted tunes. This is how the members behind this band introduced this new single:

“Happy eleventwelfth day.

We have a new song for you to listen to.

Two years ago, we properly introduced ourselves with our music. New concept, new lineup, and a new adventure ahead for us. Some people listened, the other still not curious about it. It’s normal, we’re barely a band back then. We kept making music the next year to actually broad ourselves to a greater extent.

One year ago, we finished what we’ve started. We teased you with something that we’re really proud of, that is going to launch our journey as friends who love music. Some people anticipated, the other didn’t care that much but month apart from the teaser, we finally share a song from our self-titled ep. People started to pay attention, we started to realized that our struggle paid off bit by bit. But a few months later, we’re pleased, very pleased. All of a sudden, people started to sing along, support us in any kind of way, and got released overseas. This is way beyond our expectation as a band and we can’t thank you enough.

Today, on December 11th 2017, once again, we won’t let this tradition dry. To commemorate the date that started it all, we would like to introduce you to our latest endeavour in our musical journey. We once tell a lot of people that we’re always trying to push our boundaries. This song represents our interpretation of what we’ve said earlier. This is something new for our band, and something new for you to listen to. Without further ado.

This is “out of nowhere”.”

Mondays have never wrapped up on a nicer note…thank you eleventwelfth for existing.


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