Women in the world of skateboarding…

Erica Yary

There’s no doubt that skateboarding (much like hardcore) comes off as a man’s world. You rarely see female names thrown about the skate world like you do the the Jamie Thomas’, Sean Maltos, etc…though recently there has been a LOT of buzz around Leticia Bufoni who is an AWESOME skateboarder.

Today I came across an interview with a female who IS heavily involved in that world who was also a very familiar face through her on screen persona on Ride Channel – Erica Yary.

She recently did a SUPER in-depth interview about being female in skateboarding and talking SO MUCH sense it’s unbelievable. One of the best interviews I’ve read in awhile and that’s why I’m posting this up even though it has nothing to do with Asia.

It’s up here because it’s a good read AND I can only imagine how uplifting and inspiring this interview will be for our Asian sisters out here…



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